What is this site?
The goal of Robocourt.com is to track U.S. federal appellate court opinions as they are released and to organize them for convenient browsing.

Who made it?
Christopher Hundt

Why are there no advanced search features? And where are old opinions?
Right now this site is mainly intended for browsing. For a free site where you can search both old and new opinions check out AltLaw.

Who came up with these tags?
Part of the purpose of the site is to experiment with some machine learning algorithms. The tags are chosen, based on the text of the opinions, by a classifier trained from labeled data.

Can I be sure the information on Robocourt.com is accurate?
Should I rely on it when making important decisions?

No. I make no promises regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information on this site.

I have more questions.
Feel free to send them by email.